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How to Speed Up Your PC- Part 2

Getting Disturbed and Angry With Your Turtle Computer? Don’t Worry and Just Follow The Instruction.

It Must Speed Up Your Computer That You Can Never Imagine.


i. Press “Windows Logo Key + R” to open the “RUN” command.


ii. Write Down the “msconfig” Command in It.


iii. System Configuration Utility Window Will Appear.


iv. Go to the “Start-up” Tab in It.


v. In Windows 8 “Open Task Manager” Option Will Appear, So Go To Task Manager.


vi. Select The Program You Want To “Disable” In Windows Start-Up.                                                        {should disable high resource using program}



vii. Press the “Disable” Button Below To Disable The Program From Windows Start-Up.


viii. Now “RESTART” Your Computer To Take Effect. You Can See The Change Of Your Computer Now.

Thank You…

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