SanDisk Extreme VS Samsung T5 Pro SSD 2

Sandisk vs Samsung SSD, Which is better?

We have chosen the Sandisk Extreme Pro V2 vs Samsung T5 Pro for this comparison.

The SanDisk vs Samsung SSD drives comparison is going to be interested. If you wish to buy one of them, please consider some crucial factors we are going to describe here. Both brands offer high-quality solid-state drives that can significantly improve the performance of your computer which OS you may use.

SanDisk is a famous flash memory builder in the world. Their SSD are also famous for their reliability and endurance ratio. They also offer fast read and write speeds, which can greatly reduce load times and improve overall system responsiveness.

On the other hand, Samsung is well known to us. They have electronics items, mobile phones, home products, and other various products. The SSD of Samsung are great as they focus on speed and performance. Their innovative V-NAND technology allows for faster data access and improved efficiency, while their Magician software provides tools to optimize performance and maintain the health of the drive over time.

Ultimately, the choice between Extreme Pro or Samsung T5 SSD will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as storage capacity, read/write speeds, reliability, and cost when making your decision. So, lets dive into our main content of “SanDisk vs Samsung SSD”.

Why SanDisk VS Samsung?

Solid State Drive is modern and highly effective technology in today’s computer accessories. We can make our old PCs and laptops faster and more responsive using an SSD. Internal SSD is a great way to achieve your goal. But what about transferring your essential documents from your mobile or PC to another PC or TAB?

This article will discuss the two most potent external SSD on the market now! We are talking about “SanDisk Extreme Pro and Samsung V-Nand T5” SSD. Both of the killers are almost the same in their facilities. We will find out a depth review of the two exclusive SanDisk vs Samsung SSD battles below-

Specification At a Glance

  • Descriptions: These specification are for both the great giants.
  • Model: SanDisk Extreme Pro V2 and Samsung T5 Pro
  • Product Type: Portable SSD
  • Storage Capacity: Both 1 TB
  • Storage Technology: Extreme Pro- NVMe™ and Samsung- V-NAND
  • Read / Write Speed: 2000 MB/s (2 GB /s) and 540 MB/s
  • Hardware Protection: Extreme Pro has up to two-meter drop protection, IP55 water resistance, dust resistance and Samsung up to two-meter shock resistance
  • Data Safety: Password protection with AES 256-bit hardware encryption for both the giants
  • Compatibility: Both are compatible with a range of type C USB 3.1
  • Storage System Support: Both SSD supports FAT, EX-FAT, NTFS-FAT, EX-FAT, NTFS
  • Warranty: Extreme Pro has a 5-years limited warranty and Samsung has 3-years limited warranty

Video Courtesy: Patrick Rambles

There are plenty of brands that provide great features, speed and cost efficiency. For the storage devices and peripherals, SanDisk earned the heart of users. In this battle of SanDisk vs Samsung SSD, you will find out the difference between one another as well as its pros and cons. We will be happy if you can choose one of the real and the right SSD for you.

SanDisk has released two externals SSD that we believe has got the balance right between compact size and power efficiency. Both Extreme Pro V2 and Samsung V-Nand T5 are fast enough to run your most demanding applications and games without any hiccups. Both of this giants has ample space to store your important files in one place.

SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD – For Gaming with NVME Technology

  • The Extreme Pro is made for PC enthusiasts and professionals looking for the best performance.
  • SanDisk can provide you a huge read and right speed of 2000MB/s.
  • It utilizes NVMe™ technology which makes it durable and reliable.
  • The endurance rate is almost 30 times higher than an HDD to handle your powerful tasks and games.
  • One of the best external storage solutions for today.

Average Rating is 4.6 |
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Samsung T5 PRO Portable- TLC Technology

  • The Samsung T5 PRO is made for professionals looking for reliability and long-lasting performance but who don’t want to spend too much on their drive.
  • The Samsung T5 PRO has read speeds up to 540MB/s
  • It utilizes V-NAND technology which is also long-lasting and reliable.
  • Less use your system RAM with DRAM cache.
  • EVO technology to enhance PC performance.

Average Rating is 4.5 |
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Out looking and Design Comparison

SanDisk Extreme Pro V2 design has remained harmonious with a small, rubberized black band with rounded edges and an orange-rimmed carabiner ring in one corner. Its forged-aluminum chassis is designed to stay calm under a heavy workload and gets the most excellent result.

Sandisk VS Samsung SSD -1

On the other hand, Samsung T5 Pro fits into your pocket easily. It makes you choose many stylish colors with slick casing and elegantly curved sides. The aluminum finish is fresh and gorgeous looking with a bright texture. The size is smaller than the average business card, making it more beautiful. So, in terms of out looking design of SanDisk vs Samsung SSD, the result is almost same. If you are an extreme user, you can choose Samsung t5 or Samsung t7. Internal drives of Samsung can be another solution for you also.

samsung vs sandisk ssd

There is a tie between SanDisk VS Samsung SSD in this section

Read and Write Speed

SanDisk Extreme Pro V2 external solid-state drive delivers excellent performance in all areas. It offers the highest sequential read speeds at 3400MB/s. It has a write speed of sequential 2800MB/s as.

The Samsung T5 pro is the best performing drive this round with its high sequential read speeds at 540MB/s and some of the highest random read and writes speeds at up to 210K IOPS. While the speed of Extreme Pro offers more than Samsung’s T5 pro when it comes to sequential reads.

So, in terms of data read and write comparison of SanDisk vs Samsung SSD, we can surely say that this particular Extreme Pro V2 has more speed.

Winner This Section- The winner of the read and write section is SanDisk Extreme Pro.


Hardware and Data Protection

SanDisk vs Samsung SSD creates a great comparison in this section. The two actual performers have almost the same hardware and data protection capabilities. The Samsung T5 Pro series and SanDisk Extreme Pro V2 come with special AES 256-bit hardware encryption. You can set passwords to your files and folders from unwanted access like WD my passport. Both the SSD has the folder lock system for more security.

Sandisk Management App

These super SSD have “Shock Protection” for hardware protection up to 2 meters. SanDisk Extreme Pro V2’s drop protection will undoubtedly be a bonus along with Samsung T5 Pro’s shock resistance option. However, SanDisk Extreme Pro V2 have and extra facilities here for IP55 water and dust resistance certificate. So, SanDisk VS Samsung SSD battle is going to be more interested!

extreme pro usb 3 1 ssd featured3.jpg.wdthumb.1280.1280

So, if we think of our data protection issue of SanDisk vs Samsung SSD comparison, the two giants are almost same. Samsung is slightly behind here in our findings.

The winner of the “Read and Data Protection” section is SanDisk Extreme Pro.


Devices Compatibility- Windows Laptop, MAC, HDD, Thunderbolt, USB, Controller, etc.

The data transfer technology of SanDisk vs Samsung SSD can be a little tricky. For a SanDisk Extreme Pro V2 SSD, it has two USB 3.2 Gen with a 20Gb/s data transfer rate. One USB 3.0, and USB 2.0 port can help you connect almost any devices.

The fantastic option you will love about the PC, MAC, Smartphones, or Gaming Consoles connectivity is, there is a USB-C to USB-C Cable and USB-C to USB-A Cable. You can easily connect any devices with this converter. SanDisk extreme portable SSD firmware is like a flash memory that fits almost all intel micro controllers. The other brands like Western Digital, Toshiba and other brands has less transfer speeds as an external storage in the SSD market.

samsung vs sandisk ssd

Samsung T5 Pro SSD, on the other hand, comes with the same facilities of USB compatibility. Samsung also has the USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A Cable. It can quickly transfer data to any of your favorite devices literally with no-time.

It shouldn’t be wise to compare hard drive and SSD, However, both SSD has their management software for both PC and mobile for easy operation with a nice user interface.

So, there is a same feature and options for our this SanDisk vs Samsung SSD comparison. We found the same types of features and opportunities in this section of SanDisk vs Samsung SSD.

This section is a Tie for the effective and fast data transferable SSD.

Our Recommendation – Final Pros, Cons, and Warranty

SanDisk VS Samsung SSD

The battle results are almost thrilling. We have deeply categorized the areas and described the options they possess each other above.

In some sections and options, Samsung T5 Pro is more effective than Extreme Pro, such as the Design and Color variant Samsung T5 Pro has that is more than Extreme Portable SSD.

On the other hand, Extreme pro has has more hardware protection options like IP55 certified water and dust resistance.

Moreover, SanDisk Extreme Pro has more year warranty of Five-Year than the Samsung T5 Pro of Three-Year. Samsung Electronics produce more electronics products and has the most market share than SanDisk.

But, regarding the pricing range, both SSD is the same, around $199. They are probably more than other SSD in the market right now! If you think of quality, you can go for any of them without hesitation.

Finally, if we have to recommend it for you, we will go for SanDisk Extreme Pro V2.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Which SSD is best, SanDisk or Samsung?

We have elaborately described the features of both of the SSD above, you can find your favorite one by reading the article, but we recommend SanDisk Extreme Pro V2.

Are SanDisk SSD any good?

SanDisk Extreme Pro V2 is one of the best SSD right now. You will get the exact speed of 2000 MB/s of read and write speed for SanDisk. If you compare it with and HDD, It is more than 30 times faster!

Which brand of External SSD is the best?

SanDisk Extreme Pro V2 and Samsung T5 Pro are the most potent SSD in the market. They have the extreme power of read and write speed for gamer and speed lovers. SanDisk VS Samsung SSD can be a tie in term of performances.

Is SanDisk the best SSD?

SanDisk is a famous SSD manufacturer brand that offers a great solid-state drives (SSD) with different capacities and speeds. You can choose them for performance, reliability, and lower price than other brands. You can call it a real SSD brand.


After comparing the features and performance, we gets some vital results for SanDisk vs Samsung SSD. After summarize this article, we can surly say that, the battle is not one sided. The SanDisk may have a slight advantage of its price, but the Samsung SSD have faster read and write speeds. Both of the SSD are made for heavy use.

Actually, you have to decide between these two brands on behalf of your specific needs and budget. We have just tried to help you with some real information that we collected through using and testing both the devices and analyzing real and authentic customers reviews. But if you insist us to choose one for you, You can choose any of those two of “SanDisk vs Samsung SSD”.

We have a huge technical writing in our blog. If you need similar comparison or product date related article, please visit our blog section to find out more about SanDisk vs Samsung SSD or other brands.

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