disk defragment

How to Speed-Up Your PC – Part 1

Your PC runs slow. Want to know how to speed it up? There are many ways to speed up a PC. I’ll show you one of the most important way in today’s post, for The Faster PC, One Should Do This Process At Least Once a Month.

i. Open Computer Explorer by “Right Click” on the “Computer” icon on the Desktop.

27 08 13+11 06 15+AM

ii. Open the “Properties” of the Drive you want to Optimize or Defragment by “Right Mouse” click. {Properties is the Last Option of Right Click}

27 08 13+11 07 15+AM

iii. Select the “Tools” Tab in it.

27 08 13+11 07 39+AM

iv. Now Click “Optimise / Defragment” Option in It.

27 08 13+11 07 55+AM

v. Now Click “Defragment disk” Button.

disk defragmentation

vi. Wait Until the Process Ends, Then Close the Window. 

Thank You.

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