Configure The “Performance Options Windows 10” Easily.

It is not rare that we often facing problems with our PC for the “Performance Options Windows 10.” This article will help you to solve the performance issues with some simple and easy clicks. 

It is easy to make your computer faster and more impressive with a few clicks without any software. All about is to configure your computer for the best performance. After configuring your computer to the best performance, your computer speed will definitely increase.

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Performance Issues Checkup

We all want our computer to perform faster and more powerfully. When we buy a new computer or install a fresh windows in it, it performs faster as we expected. But for some reason, “Time to time our computer decreases its performance.”

Some continuous checkup and action will keep your PC’s performances higher-
  • Use more hard disk space in drive C– ( 60% of drive space in C: should be free for best performance )
  • Use less start-up programs: Installing Programs increases the start-up programs. Some of them are necessary, and some of them are really unnecessary.
  • Delete Temporary Files Regularly: All of your temporary files stores in computer for further use, which can cause slow your computer up.
  • Change the Visual Appearance: Visual appearance is one of the important factors for slowing up your computer.

How to Configure Performance Options in Windows 10?

If you want to setup your computer for the best performance, follow the steps below-

1. Go to the “Control Panel” of your computer (You can search “Control Panel” in the start menu.)
2. Select “System” from the menu list from here.
3. In the system window left pane, click on the “Advanced System Settings” option.

Performance Options Windows 10

4. After appearing advanced system window go to the “Advanced” tab and now go to the “Settings” option.

Performance Options Windows 10

5. A new window, “Performance Option,” will appear. In performance window you can see Four Check Box Options of your computer performance. All you have to do is select the “Adjust for best performance” option.

Performance Options Windows 10
6. After selecting the “Best Performance” option, click on “Apply” and then “OK”, as in the picture above.7. Your visual appearance may have changed after selecting “Adjust for best performance”.

Now you can get maximum performance from your computer. Hope this article helps your PC’s Performance Options Windows 10

Still worried about Performance Issues in Windows 10?

For a fast and smooth PC performance, please install at least 4GB of RAMIn Windows 10 or 11, it is recommended to have at least 8GB of RAM.

To increase your RAM, you should understand the “BUS Speed and the BUS width.” For example, a RAM with the Bus Speed/Frequency-1600MHz should not support by the motherboard and have a capacity of Bus Speed of 1000MHz.

To do it, please check your previously installed RAM. It would help if you found the Bus Speed printed over there. 

For desktop PC, you can use the “Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4  3200MHz DRAM“. It is one of the great RAM with high speed and sustainability.


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For Laptop PC, you can use the “Corsair Memory Kit 16GB 2400MHz“. It is one of the great RAM with high speed and real speed.

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