How to refresh a pc using refresh. Bat file

How To Refresh A PC? / How To Refresh On A Computer in a smartest way?

Let’s do something funny and worthy. Refresh your entire hard drive with just one click. Make your computer faster that you ever imagine.

Suppose your “Hard Drive” has 4 partitions named C:\, D:\, E:\, and F:\. Today, we will show you how to refresh a pc or specific drive with just a single click.

We generally use the F5 button to refresh our computer, but it is a slow process. When we work on our computer, it has to make many temporary files stored in our drives. You can remove those paths by refreshing and making your drive perform faster.

Some cache files and other unnecessary files cause our computer to slow. By refreshing the computer, it can be solved and make the hard drive run faster.

Let's make our own single click full refresh button and will make our computer faster.

Table of Contents

Step One: Open Notepad

You have to open your “Notepad” from your desktop and do a simple trick into your notepad, so are you ready?

How to refresh a pc - notepad

To open “Notepad” click on the “Start Menu” icon from the left bottom, and then write “Notepad”. It will find the notepad app for you. Now, click open from the right panel.

Step Two: Writing Code

Now you have to put some code into it exactly given below: {Case may be sensitive}

					Echo off

{Note: Here C:, D:, E:, F: is your hard drive latter. If your hard drive latter is different, change it to yours.}


Step Three: Save The File

Now you have to save this File as a “Batch File”. To save it you have to go to “File> Save as >

26 09 13 4 15 34 pm

Step Four: Creating Your Own Tree Refresh File

Now carefully, you have to give a name. You can give its name “Refresh.bat” or “Refresh Hard-Drive.bat”, etc. This file will show you, the refresh option with one click.

One thing must be noted while naming the file is, The File Extension must be “.bat” as this file will be a batch file. Finally, save your File.

Refresh. Bat 2

Step Five: Time to See The Result

Now you can see a “Refresh” file on your desktop, and it’s time to test your own software. If you successfully completed your task, you can refresh your hard drive by clicking it from your desktop.

Refresh. Bat-file

Be Patient: Result Time

While running this application, you have to wait till it completes its tasks to refresh all the drives you have selected before. The process seems to be like this-

Cmd process

You can now fine it easy “How to refresh a PC.” Enjoy your fast computer and keep refreshing it with this “Refresh.bat” file.

How To Refresh Your PC? How To Reset Your PC Without Losing Your Data? Or, How To Refresh On A Computer?

If you want to refresh, reset, or reinstall your operating system i.e., Windows 8, 8.1, or Windows 10, You may follow our post about “How to reset your Windows PC?

Some ways to reset your version of Windows 8, 8.1, or Windows 10 PC without losing any data. It helps you to regain the performance you want from your PC. Sometimes, you may need to do a Factory Reset Your PC for better performance. This article will help you to refresh your pc without affecting your files.

In brief, the processes are as below-
  • Click on “Settings” from the taskbar.
  • Go to “System Settings”
  • Then go to the “Recovery” option
  • Now select “Reset Option”
You will find two options here-

1. Reset Your PC (without affecting your files)– This will reset your PC to its original settings without deleting, removing, or affecting your personal documents.

2. Factory Reset Your PC– This will reset your PC like a fresh Windows installation. It will remove everything. Your personal documents, pictures, downloads, and everything on the desktop. (Practically, it will delete everything in your drive C:\).

How to refresh a PC with the help of some software?

You may want to refresh your PC with the help of software. There are many PC tune-up utilities software available in the market right now. They are easy to install and use.
They can clean your PC’s junk files, helps you to identify and uninstall unwanted software, and free up spaces and many valuable ideas you can’t imagine instantly. Some of them are-

1. AVG Ultimate 2022

AVG Ultimate 2022 is the latest antivirus, PC cleaner, and VPN for 5 devices. It can protect you from viruses, internet threats, malicious software, etc. Its best features are-

  1. Antivirus for 2 Years (PC / MAC /  Android)
  2. Shopping and Banking Protection
  3. Firewall and Webcam Security
  4. All in One Cleanup and Tune-up
  5. Personal VPN for Private Browsing
  6. Automatic Software Updater.
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2. System Mechanic 2022 [PC Download]

System Mechanic from IOLO Technology is another pro software for the best PC tune-up. It is born to make your PC faster and has an exclusive ActiveCare technology to make it faster than you imagine. Some of its features are-

  1. Disk and Memory defragment with a fast and thorough process
  2. ActiveCare repairs PC problems during idle time
  3. IntelliStatus provides real-time performance information. 
  4. Deep registry cleaning and repairing
How to refresh a pc -system_mechanics
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3. Avast Cleanup Premium 2022

Avast Cleanup Premium 2022 is another premium cleaning tool that makes you tension-free. Your PC will run faster than you want if you have this really working cleanup software. It has many features like-

  1. Disk Cleaner
  2. Registry Cleaner
  3. Browser Cleaner
  4. Sleep Mode (Automatic Tune-Up while idle)
  5. Automatic Update of PC software
How to refresh a pc - avast cleanup premium
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Frequently Asked Questions-

Answer- Refreshing a PC has various ways. Suppose you are hitting the F5 button on your keyboard. It indeed refreshes your PC. In this tutorial, we are completing this by the one-click method.

Answer- We have made it easy for you. You can get it from our article quickly and make your own “tree refresh code” within a minute.

Answer- Refresh.bat is a batch file to refresh your PC’s all available hard drive with just a single click. This article shows you how to create a 100% working “Refresh.bat” file for a particular PC.

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