Remove Properties From All Music File

This article will help you to Remove Properties and Personal Information from your files, and it works for almost all Windows Versions.

You will be able to remove properties and personal information from Music files, Images Files, Document Files, or any types of single and group files.

If you are having problem with your PC speed, you may follow our post of “How to speed up your slow PC“. Otherwise, you follow Microsoft’s support article about “Remove hidden data and personal information

Just follow the instructions carefully to delete all properties and personal information with a few clicks. No software is needed.

We are using “Music Files” in this article as an example. You can use this method for all the files you need to change.

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It is very annoying to see unwanted properties, album info, artist name, song category, website addresses etc. We always want to see our music player fresh and clean. We often get pleased if our music player only shows the music name while playing that song.

So, it is necessary sometimes to remove or delete all unwanted music information from our music files. This tutorial shows ‘HOW TO REMOVE PROPERTIES AND PERSONAL INFORMATION OF YOUR FILES AT A TIME.’

Step One – Getting Started

Windows has an automated feature to remove these types of information from your music files. You don’t need any third-party software to do this. Just a few simple clicks can make this happen quickly. First of all, ‘SELECT YOUR MUSIC FILE OR MULTIPLE FILES’. Now carefully follow the next steps to get rid off these annoying properties informations.

Step Two – Selecting Files

Go to properties of the selected file or multiple files. To do that, Right-click on your files > and then click on Properties button.

After clicking properties button, a new “Properties Window” will open with few tabs. Now select the ‘Details Tab’ of that property window. this will open the informations about this files or multiple files.

Music 2BProperties

Step Three – Selecting Metadata

Here you can see the properties of the song and lots of information related to the song. Description section, Media section, Audio section, Origin section etc.

The name, Item type, Folder path, Date created, Date modified, Size, Attribute, Offline availability, etc. among them.

At the bottom of the box, you can see the option “Remove Properties and Personal Information.” Click on it to go to the next step.

Remove Properties and Personal Informaiton

Step Four – Call to Action

You will find a new window with the ‘Select” option. First click on ‘Remove The Following Properties From This File’. Now either you can select all items by clicking the “Select All” button from the bottom of the window, or you can choose any of the item to remove the specific information from that particular file. Choose what you want to do…

tick 2Bon 2Bremove

Step Five – The Final Step

After selection, click the “OK” button and wait while windows do the rest for you. It can take time, depending on the number of your music files. If you have more music tracks, it can take more time. Be patient.

Hurrah! You have successfully completed the process of “Remove properties and personal information” from your files. Enjoy unwanted information-free music files.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove properties from Word Files?

  • Go to “Properties” by right click on the file.
  • Select “Review” tab.
  • Click “Remove Properties and Personal Information” checkbox.
  • Tick “Remove the following properties from this file” checkbox.
  • Click “Select All” button from the bottom.
  • Click “OK” button to finish the operation.

How to remove properties info from a Folder?

The process is as same as the file properties remove option.

Is metadata and properties same?

Yes, the metadata and the “Properties and Personal Information” is same and you can follow our steps to remove it without any software.

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