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Windows 8.1 Free Upgrade is Ready to Download………
Are You Ready?

What you have to do is…

Windows 8.1 Free Upgrade:-

Windows 8.1 free upgradation is ready now for download for free. Microsoft has declared it on
Friday ( 18.10.2013) and it is now available for download…

New Features of Windows 8.1:-

Windows 8.1 also known as Windows Blue. Some of its feature are below in few words:-

  1. New Start Menu like others (Windows 7 of Vista or XP)
  2. It takes less space
  3. Supercharged search
  4. Better multitasking
  5. Automatic app update
  6. Start screen can share desktop background
  7. Deeper Sky-Drive integration and many more…
Preparation to Upgrade to Windows 8.1:-

You need some preparation to make upgrade. What you have to need is:-

  1. Microsoft Account
  2. Log in to windows store in metro screen
  3. Stable internet connection
  4. At Least 3.5+ GB of data
  5. Less than 4 Mbps connection will take too many time.
How to Upgrade to Windows 8.1:-
  1. Check for latest update in “Windows Update” in control panel
  2. Go to “Store” in metro screen Or Click Here.
  3. You will find windows upgrade hare.
  4. Download and Enjoy new Windows.
I Can’t Find Update in Store:-

If you can’t find Windows Update in Microsoft Windows Store, Do the Following..

  1. You need to install a windows installation package to see the update in store.
  2. The update is “KB 2871839″ you can download it from Here
  3. Restart your computer after installing above update and then log go to “Store”
  4. If above method fails than open command prompt as admin and write “WSReste” this will reset windows store now search your update.
  5. If this also fails then wait few days because Microsoft publish their update with time zone. Hope you will find your update soon..
  6. After that If you can’t find Update “Check your Windows is Original or Crack”. Only original windows owner will get the update.


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