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 F8 Button Not Working in Windows Start-up?

Your F8 Function Key Not Working in Windows Start-up. Can’t Boot Computer in “Safe Mood”? It’s As Easy As Drinking Water.

{Many Computer Has Key-Board Problem They Can’t Open Advanced Boot Option.} 


1. Open “RUN” by Pressing “Windows Logo Key + R.”



2. Type “msconfig” and Press Enter. {if you prompt for administrative privileges, press yes}



3. Press the “BOOT” Tab on it.



4. Under Boot Option, “CHECK” the “Safe boot” Box.



5. Now Press “Apply” and “RESTART” on Your Computer To See The Change.



If You Don’t “Revert” Your Boot Setting Every Time, it Will Boot With Safe Mood.
So Here is How to “Revert” Your Setting:-

6. To Boot Windows in Normal Mood, “uncheck”  the “Safe boot” Box.



7. Now Press the “Apply” Button and “Restart” Your Computer.



Enjoy Your Windows
Thank You!!

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