Windows 8 Start menu

Bring Start Menu Back In Windows 8.1 

It is asked many times about windows 8.1 that, what is the change in new start button ?
How does it work ?
Will this menu look like Windows 7 or Vista or Classic style….

Is it possible to get Windows 7 START MENU in Windows 8.1? 
  • The answer is “NO” because Windows 8.1 has a very nice “Start Menu” of it’s own.
  • You can use third party software like “Start8” to get Windows 7 like start menu.

Windows 8.1 New Stylist “Start Menu” 

Windows 8.1 has a very nice and stylist “Start Menu” for it’s own. All you have to do is bypass the metro screen and instead of metro screen selecting the “Apps” screen……

  • Right Click On “Task-Bar” > Properties > Navigation (Tab) > Tick Second Last Option….

(Show the apps view automatically when I go to start )

win 8.1 start menu

After completing the task above, go to start menu and you can find all of your “Apps” instead of “Metro Screen” here.

start menu windows 8.1

 New Features In Windows 8.1: “Start Button” 

Right click on your “Windows Logo Key” and you can see the advanced menu bar here.
In this window you can find the following things..

  • Shut-Down button
  • Computer Management ( Manage )
  • Command Prompt ( Both normal and admin mode )
  • Run
  • Task Manager
  • Device Manager
  • Control Panel
  • System
  • Program and Feature
  • Network Connections
  • Task Management  …… etc.
shut down menu in windows 8.1

 New Features In Windows 8.1: “Boot to Desktop” 

Another amazing feature of Windows 8.1 is “Boot to Desktop” option…
In Windows 8.1 you can directly boot to the desktop instead of “Metro Screen”.


  • Right click on “Task-Bar” > Properties > Navigation (Tab) > Tick the First Option under the “Start Screen”
boot to desktop windows 8.1
Restart your PC and you will boot directly to the “Desktop” not in “Metro Screen”.
Enjoy !!!
Thank You…


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