Windows 8 start menu

Bring Start Menu Back In Windows 8.1 

It is asked many times about windows 8.1 that, what is the change in new start button ?
How does it work ?
Will this menu look like Windows 7 or Vista or Classic style….

Is it possible to get Windows 7 START MENU in Windows 8.1? 
  • The answer is “NO” because Windows 8.1 has a very nice “Start Menu” of it’s own.
  • You can use third party software like “Start8” to get Windows 7 like start menu.

Windows 8.1 New Stylist “Start Menu” 

Windows 8.1 has a very nice and stylist “Start Menu” for it’s own. All you have to do is bypass the metro screen and instead of metro screen selecting the “Apps” screen……

  • Right Click On “Task-Bar” > Properties > Navigation (Tab) > Tick Second Last Option….

(Show the apps view automatically when I go to start )

Win 8. 1 start menu

After completing the task above, go to start menu and you can find all of your “Apps” instead of “Metro Screen” here.

Start menu windows 8. 1

 New Features In Windows 8.1: “Start Button” 

Right click on your “Windows Logo Key” and you can see the advanced menu bar here.
In this window you can find the following things..

  • Shut-Down button
  • Computer Management ( Manage )
  • Command Prompt ( Both normal and admin mode )
  • Run
  • Task Manager
  • Device Manager
  • Control Panel
  • System
  • Program and Feature
  • Network Connections
  • Task Management  …… etc.
Shut down menu in windows 8. 1

 New Features In Windows 8.1: “Boot to Desktop” 

Another amazing feature of Windows 8.1 is “Boot to Desktop” option…
In Windows 8.1 you can directly boot to the desktop instead of “Metro Screen”.


  • Right click on “Task-Bar” > Properties > Navigation (Tab) > Tick the First Option under the “Start Screen”
Boot to desktop windows 8. 1
Restart your PC and you will boot directly to the “Desktop” not in “Metro Screen”.
Enjoy !!!
Thank You…


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