Your Laptop or Desktop Runs With Low RAM? Want to increase size of RAM? Use your hard drive as a RAM.

Many of today’s notebook comes with 2 GB built in RAM, Just Make it 4 GB.

Increase Your RAM Size Double With Some Mouse Clicks.


1.  Right click on “My Computer” and go to Properties

2.  Properties Window will appear

3.  Now click on “Advanced system setting” option in the left

4.  Advanced System Setting window will appear

5.  Now click  “Settings” under Performance option

6.  Performance Setting window will appear

7.  Now go to “Advanced” tab

8.  Now under “Virtual Memory” option click “Change”

9.  Untick “Automatically manage paging file size for all device” option

10. Select the “Drive” for use it as a RAM. (Optional:- Look down to your current memory size ) and tick on “Custom size”

11.  Put how much amount of RAM you want to share from the drive (N.B: Both fields should be same)

12.  Now click “Set” under it and see the change.

13. Restart Your Computer.

Enjoy !!!!!!!
Thank You..

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