Windows 10 fast startup, Stop UAC Massage, Disable auto sleep.

If you are heving problem with your Windows Startup Time, or you want to get rid of annoying UAC messages while installing a program, or you are having a problem of your laptops Auto Sleep when your are performing a large download, this article will 100% help you to solve those problem easily.

So, today’s tips and tricks is about-
  1. Windos 10 fast startup
  2. Disabling annoying UAC massage when installing programs
  3. Disable auto sleep to perform a large download

Tricks-1: Windows 10 Fast Startup

Windows 10 has many great features to make it faster then it’s previous versions. One of theme is the “Windows 10 fast startup.” This is a built-in feature that allows you to perform a quick-boot and save potential time on startup.

What "Windows 10 Fast Startup" actually is?

“Windows 10 Fast Startup” is actually the light shutdown process of windows 10. When you enable fast startup, your windows will save some system files as “Hibernation file,” and it will be used for the next boot time to speed up the startup.  

As windows 10 fast startup saves file for a hibernation for the next boot time, it works for shutdown only, not for restart.

How to enable windows 10 fast startup?

To enable windows 10 fast startup, Go to the “Control Panel” first. Then Select the “Power Options.”

Turn on fast startup-control-panel

Now, select the “Choos what the power buttons do” option from the left panel.

Turn on fast startup-choose-what-the-power-buttons-do

Tick the option, “Turn on fast startup” under Shutdown settings. This option should autometically be ticked. If this option is hidden / blar or you can’t change it, then follow the next step.

Turn on windows 10 fast startup

If you get the “Turn on fast startup” option unclickable, you have to change settings to enable it. To do so, look above, and you can see the option “Change setting that are currently unavailable.”  Click on it and now you can tick / change the “Turn on fast startup” option.

Tricks-2: Disabling annoying "User Account Control Massage"

When you going to install a program on your PC, every time a massage appears named “User Account Control” to warn you if you want to install that program or not. The massage like, this program is safe / harmful, etc. 

User Account Contol checks the program is safe or not for your PC, or it has the right digital signature, or the programe is made by the right authority. So, it warns its user for a safety.

But, when it appears every time we go for a program to install, it feel very annoying to us. If you want to disable this massage to be appeared, follow the next few steps.

(Please note that: Do this with your own risk, There is a chance of hacking, maleware, or  viruses to be installed without UAC massage enabled.)

To disable User Account Control massage, follow the steps-

First go to “Control Panel > Action Center > User Account Control Option. and click on “Change User Account Control Settings”

Change user account control settings

Now, Drag your mouse downwards by pressing and holding the variable value controller as shown in the picture below. Now click “OK” ( If you prompt, then “Yes” ) and restart your computer. You are free to install any software without any notification from now.

Change user account control settings-variable

Tricks-3: Disable “Auto Sleep” while downloading large files

When you are downloading a large 50 GB file. Your laptop may sleeps after 15 minitues of download to save power, as you are not doing anything on your PC without downloading. After sleeping, your download naturally stops. 

In this types of scenario, if you want your laptop to stay standby, not to go to sleep mode, you can follow few easy setps to disable auto sleep mode.

  1. Right-click on “Battery Icon” on the taskbar of your laptop
  2. Click on “Power Option” ( For desktop, go to Control Panel > Power Option )
  3. You can see the Power Options window to be appear.
  4. Click on “Change Plan settings” to edit power plan settings.
Change Power Plan Settings

You can see the option that causes this problem, “Put the computer to sleep.”

Change Power Plan Settings- auto sleep

 Select “Never” from the drop-down menu for both “On battery and Plugged in” ( For Desktop ” A/C Power )

After selecting “Never”, click on the “Save Changes” button.

Note: Do not forget to revert the changes you made while downloading your file, otherwise, your PC won’t sleep again and will cause for a battery drain within few hours.

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